Preferred Scheme

The Option Appraisal Process

The Option Appraisal Process was undertaken during Stage 3 of the design on the Scheme.  This process involved the Project Team identifying all possible options through which flood protection could be provided to Hawick and then systematically considering them until a preferred combination of options was arrived at.  The best combination of options is known as the Preferred Scheme.

A key part of the Option Appraisal Process was to consult the people of Hawick and many key and statutory stakeholders.  A two day public exhibition was held in July 2012 to engage with the people of Hawick.  For more details on this exhibition click here.  

Over the past year the Project Team have been establishing contact with stakeholders in Hawick and at a statutory level.  By statutory level it is meant those that must be engaged with as they have a legal / statutory responsibility to consider the Scheme’s proposals. Examples of statutory stakeholders include: the Council’s Planning section; Historic Scotland; The River Tweed Commission; SEPA; SNH; and the Scottish Government’s Flooding Policy Team.  It is recognised that with approx. 915 properties in Hawick that will be protected by the Preferred Scheme that the Project Team have only just begun to communicate with many of the residents and businesses contained within that number.  To date we have strived to communicate with key stakeholders however this exercise in consultation will be continued during the next stage so if you’ve not yet been approached by the team we have probably  just not got to you yet.  If you have any immediate concerns please contact us via the details on the Feedback page click here.

In parallel with all of the valuable consultation the Project Team required to consider each option from a technical, environmental, hydraulic, economic, social and cultural perspective.  They also required to consider the options in various combinations.  This was to ensure that the Preferred Scheme contained the best combination of options but also that it was a viable scheme that stood a reasonable chance of being approved during Stage 5 (the Statutory Approvals Processes).

Of the approx. 50 options that were considered the following notable options were not included in the Preferred Scheme:

Advancing the Preferred Scheme through Outline Design

With the approval of the Preferred Scheme by Council in March 2013 the Project Team need to advance this Preferred Scheme by developing an outline design.  This process will require: a lot more data gathering to commence (e.g. boreholes will require to be taken along the length of the proposed defences); new models to be developed (e.g. a seepage model such that the team can map likely ground-water movement under proposed defences during a very-high-water (flood) event; consultation with owners and occupiers along the length of the proposed defences; and consultation with the town of Hawick through a 2nd public exhibition.  There are many more activities to be undertaken during this stage however this will hopefully give you a flavour for what the team will be commencing in the near future.

2017 Draft Scheme Documents

A series of draft scheme documents were submitted to the Scottish Borders Council for consideration at their meeting on 23 February 2017. The draft documents can be accessed using the link below.

Draft Scheme Documents

Preferred Scheme NTS

The Project Team have drafted a Non-Technical Summary (NTS) of the Preferred Scheme report.  This report is only nine pages long and has been designed to summaries the key parts of the Preferred Scheme report.  It does not contain any of the large volumes of technical data appended to the main report.

Preferred Scheme NTS Report


Preferred Scheme Report

The Preferred Scheme report has not been provided through this website.  The Project Team consider that this would neither be feasible or appropriate.  The report is approx. 260 pages long and contains 6 appendices with a large amount of technical data and other reports.  The following assorted documents and drawings are provided to allow you gain a feel for the content and to achieve an understanding of the Preferred Scheme.  These additional documents compliment the Non-Technical Summary (above).

Report to Council on the Preferred Scheme

Appendices to Report to Council on the Preferred Scheme

Press Release on the Preferred Scheme

Drawing – Key plan of the flood cells

Drawing – Cell No. 1 Plan

Drawing – Cell No. 2 Plan

Drawing – Cell No. 3 Plan

Drawing – Cell No. 4 Plan

Drawing – Cell No. 5 Sheet 1

Drawing – Cell No. 5 Sheet 2

Drawing – Cell No. 6 Plan