Public Exhibition No. 1


As part of the Option Appraisal Process for the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme (the Scheme) the Project Team held a public exhibition on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th July 2012.

The exhibition, titled a ‘Presentation of the options for a flood protection scheme for Hawick’ presented the flood protection options and also the flood risk to the town of Hawick from the River Teviot. This is a key milestone event in the advancement of a flood protection scheme for the town and allowed the Project Team to commence the process of consultation with the people of the town.

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PE Poster

The exhibition

The exhibition was held in room 205 of Tower Mill, Heart of Hawick and was open to the public between 09:30 and 21:00 each day. The purpose of the exhibition was:

1. To explain why the Council are taking a Scheme forward for Hawick through a review of historical flooding events.
2. To provide a general understanding of flood risk.
3. To show the current level of flood risk within the town from the River Teviot.
4. To show the current status of the Scheme’s design i.e. to present the many options through which Hawick could have its flood risk reduced.
5. To gauge and record public reaction on the Scheme and the flood protection options through questionnaires.

The exhibition was reported in the Hawick News CLICK HERE and on the BBC website CLICK HERE

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The exhibition content

The exhibition consisted of 20 No. exhibition boards and a computer animation of the flood extents within the town. The display boards were arranged to convey a range of information relating to Hawick’s flood risk and the options available for reducing that flood risk. The display boards are provided for you to download from the menu on the right-hand side of this page.

The display boards are provided to allow you an opportunity to further consider the flood risk and the many options at your leisure. If you have any comments please feel free to contact a member of the Project Team. Contact details are provided on the ‘Feedback’ page.

It is, however, worth noting that these options are a snap-shot of the Project Team’s understanding as it existed in July 2012. The Project Team already feel that their understanding has moved on: this is primarily due to the many discussions held at the exhibition but also due to the ongoing work by the team in advancing the Scheme’s design.

The exhibition also assembled a ‘What Can You Do Now?’ table to assist those at flood risk. This table was a joint exercise between the Scheme’s Project Team, the Hawick Volunteer Flood Group, members of SEPA’s Floodline Team, and the Council’s Emergency Planning Team.


Reviewing the public’s comments

Nearly 300 people from across the town of Hawick and from many locations in the upper catchment attended the exhibition. Many of those attending had been affected by the October 2005 flood event. The Project Team feel that they have gained a wealth of new information from the conversations held over the two days and are certain that that information will assist in moving the Scheme’s design forward.

All attendees of the exhibition were encouraged to fill in a questionnaire relating to flooding and the proposed Scheme. In total 76 completed questionnaires were returned. The contents of the questionnaires have been analysed by the Project Team and our evaluation of, and responses to, their comments / questions have been developed into a short report. This is provided for you to download from the menu on the right-hand side of this page.

The Project Team would like to thank all those who attended the exhibition for their support and hope that they will stay involved in helping advance the Scheme’s design as it moves through the design process.


Public Exhibition Report

The Project Team have prepared a report on the public exhibition to allow you to review the questions and concerns raised by those who completed the questionnaires. The report also contains details of the responses provided by the Project Team to address the concerns raised.

Public Exhibition No. 1 Report


Public Exhibition Boards

Welcome Board
Defining Flood Risk
Catchment Plan
Historical Flooding
Flood Extents
Flood Depths
Scottish Borders Council Strategy
Overview of Possible Measures
Flood Storage Options
Options from Langlands to Albert Bridge
Options from Albert Bridge to North Bridge
Options from North Bridge to Weensland
Options from Weensland to Haughhead
Natural Flood Management Options
Proposed Flood Defence Finishes
Frequently Asked Questions - General
Frequently Asked Questions - Gravel
What Happens Next?
What Can You Do Now?