September 2016

  • The third Hawick FPS Ground Investigation contract gets underway on Monday 26th September for four weeks to provide the design team with additional data to ensure the new flood defence wall design is based on as accurate information as possible.
    The works will require drilling rigs to take soil samples from up to 10m below ground level at various locations along Teviot Road, Commercial Road, Mansfield Road and at Weensland.
    Whilst we will try to keep disruption to a minimum, some traffic and pedestrian management will be necessary to ensure the work is carried out safely, along with some transient noise and vibration.
    Drawings showing the location of the works can be found here
    Works in the town will last about 4 weeks. Forther information on the timescales can be found here

August 2016

  • The latest public exhibition took place in the Town Hall on 23 and 24 August with over 700 people attending. The materials displayed at the exhibition can be found here

July 2016

  • Royal Mail and Duke Street CAR licence applied for and received from SEPA
  • Artist in residence collating information in preparation for Public Exhibition
  • Flood defences finishes strategy in progress i.e. what will the defences look like.
  • Preparation of materials for the public exhibition ongoing including production of a 3D fly through.

June 2016

  • Artist in residence impressing with proactive work in the community – Andrew Mackenzie – He has engaged with many community groups, local folk, artists, poets, planning officers, engineers, project leaders, teachers, renewable energy experts, Creative Carbon Scotland, landscape architects, public art fabricators - and have many more meetings yet to come over the next couple of months.
  • Royal Mail and Duke Street advanced works design complete
  • Public Exhibition venue visited and event planning and display board drafts well advanced
  • Flood defence wall structural design substantially complete
  • Alternative flood defence alignment at Victoria and Lawson Bridges being investigated to reduce flood levels

May 2016

  • Outline Design for flood walls substantially complete
  • Draft 3D flythrough showing proposed flood defences well advanced
  • Outline design for secondary flooding and pumping requirements complete
  • Artist in residence appointed
  • Flood defence appearance strategy well advanced
  • Commenced public exhibition preparation

April 2016

  • Scheme alignment and extent confirmed (River Teviot)
  • Detailed bridge blockage scenarios modelled
  • Environmental Impact Assessment surveys, liaison and meetings ongoing
  • Structural and scour assessment to Albert Bridge completed
  • Secondary flooding / pumping requirements design ongoing

March 2016

  • Updated hydraulic model complete and flood maps generated
  • Flood damage cost assessment complete
  • 3D flythrough visualisation commenced
  • Additional ground investigation scope partially complete
  • Agreed community benefits action plan with Hawick High School
  • Outline design drawings commenced

February 2016

  • Trial piling completed
  • Environmental Impact Assessment work commenced
  • Flood damage assessment update substantially complete

January 2016

  • Trial Piling exercise confirmed for Monday 1st February to investigate methods of piling installation and suitability for piling in Hawick ground conditions
  • Environmental scoping and screening responses received
  • First convening of the WIWG (Watercourse Impact Working Group) and ARSWG (Access, Roads and Structures Working Group) completed on 13th / 14th January